Songwriting 101 with Janet Feld

Starts: 07/25/2017
Tuesday 6:30PM - 8PM
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$90 / 80

This class is for you if: you've always wanted to write a song but don't know how to start; you've written a song or three and would love some tools to help you continue on this path. During this semester, you will learn a variety of writing tools that will help get your creative juices flowing and help build confidence in your abilities.  We will discuss basic rules and guidelines for songwriting and each week I will guide you through exercises to help take the fear and mystery out of the songwriting process. We will also discuss how to critique a song in a kind, specific way.  Creating your own work is often a tender, vulnerable experience.  It is my priority to create a safe, fun environment in which to facilitate this process for class members. Please come to class with a notebook and pen.

$90 / 80
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