THE SINGING SESSIONS: Writing Songs and Singing Them is a Good Thing To Do with Peter Mulvey

Starts: 10/28/2017
Saturday 1PM - 3PM
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$55 / 50

The Passim School of Music is pleased to announce The Singing Sessions – a brand new educational series that partners with Passim performing artists.


The Singing Sessions was created to reflect the immense and diverse talent that passes through the Club’s doors by inviting performing artists to conduct a workshop on songwriting or singing. The Singing Sessions allows the Passim Community to get a deeper sense of what goes on behind the scenes by exploring an artist’s musical practice and exercises they perform to advance their own skills in a small group setting. Join us for the first Sessions starting this fall! 



Writing Songs and Singing Them is a Good Thing To Do.

I'll start with a twenty minute talk I put together called "Eleven Ways of Looking at Tom Waits", which should get us all fired up about, y'know, songs. Then we'll jump from that lofty height into the work of those of us who are not iconic geniuses, and why that work is still fun and inspiring.
This workshop will take place on Saturday, October 28 from 1:00-3:00pm.
$55 / 50
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