The Folksong Revival: Deep Roots, Wild Branches with Sam Moss

Starts: 03/27/2017
Monday 8PM - 9:30PM
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$150 / 130
Reshaping American folk songs is a long-standing tradition. Our most loved songs, be they gospel, ballads, or cowboy songs, have gone through countless iterations, as performers seek to fit them to their own experience. Melodies and keys are changed, verses are added and dropped, and yet when done well, these interpretations serve to deepen the legacy of the song.
As a class we will rework and perform songs from the folk tradition, with an emphasis on pushing the material to new and unexpected places. To enrich this process we will look closely at how certain songs have changed over the years, by listening to and discussing both seminal recordings (e.g. Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music) alongside contemporary, sometimes drastically different versions of the same material. 
All instruments are welcome, though an intermediate skill level is recommended. 
This class meets on Mar. 27, Apr. 3, 10, 17, and 24*.
*April 24th will be a double lesson starting at 6:30pm. 
$150 / 130
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