Deadstring Trad. Guitar Immersion Day with Flynn Cohen, Matt Heaton, and Danny Noveck

Starts: 04/08/2017
Saturday 10AM - 4PM
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$120 / 100
Attention guitarists! 
Join Flynn Cohen, Matt Heaton, & Danny Noveck for a full day of guitar immersion in Harvard Square. Students will choose from 10 different class options and two different guitar tunings–-Dropped-D & DADGAD. The goal of this experience is to move you closer to a complete understanding of the accompaniment of traditional fiddle music through immersion in specific fingerboard knowledge, as well as drills and exercises to broaden the scope of your acoustic guitar playing. Students of all levels are welcome.
Class offerings include:
• chord vocabulary
• chord drills
• strumming techniques
• ear training for trad music
• explanation of the modes
• accompaniment masterclass
* flatpicking traditional fiddle tunes on guitar
• intro to mandolin and bouzouki for guitarists
$120 / 100
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