Small World - Big Ears: Orkestra Marhaba & Atlas Soul

October 23, 2017 7PM
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Welcome to our new series, Small World - Big Ears!  As technology continues to advance and make our world seemingly smaller and smaller, there are also many ways in which we seem to be drawn futher apart and more isolated from one another than ever before. The idea behind Passim's new monthly music series "Small World - Big Ears" is to bring together musicians who play in a wide variety of musical traditions from around the globe to share their music and culture with the Passim community. We hope that as we are able to broaden our abilities to listen, we'll find common ground within the language we all speak, the langauge of the heart: music.  We hope you will come out and be part of these shows on the last Monday of each month in a great listening room.


Marhaba (or 'Merhaba' in Turkish) can mean 'welcome' or 'hello' in Arabic and Turkish and is meant to reflect the sound of this group! Orkestra Marhaba started in 2011 when a quartet of musicians coming back from a concert talked about their shared curiosity around makam - a system of defining musical scales in Turkish classical music. As four minds are better than one, a working group of musicians in the Boston area came together every week with their different instruments to discover and strengthen their knowledge of makam and the world of Ottoman art music.
Since then our ranks have grown and modified, and so has our music: Ottoman court music dating from the early 16th century to modern Turkish composers, light classical love songs called ┼čark─▒, short strophic hymns called ilahi, dance pieces such as sirto and longa,timeless folk music from the Anatolian landscape, Ayinleri (compositions for dervishes to turn to whose lyrics come from Rumi's Mathnawi) and Turkish folk songs called türkü. Finally, an ever evolving series of original compositions, where our minds can feel free to fly with the help of makam theory.


Atlas Soul is a – multiple award winning - band performing original music that celebrates polyrhythm & melodies rooted in the Afro-Mediterranean traditions and fuse them with deep funk, jazz and intelligent hip hop.

Burning live performances with audience participation are their trademark!

They have played scores of major venues such as The Montreal Jazz Festival, The Kennedy Center, The Festival International de Louisiane, the Boston Globe Jazz Festival, Joe’s Pub, Montreal Festival Nuits d’Afrique and more. They regularly sell out shows in the Boston area and beyond.

Atlas Soul’s core is a quintet but they love to invite a special guest musician or add a full horn section depending on the show. They features two outstanding lead vocalist, Regie Gibson an award winning poet, a percussionist and a natural power house performer and Jacques Pardo from France, a saxophonist, guitarist, composer and the band leader. Drummer extraordinary Zeke Martin and bassist Steve Davis “The groove master” hold the rhythm section along with Greek-American virtuoso guitarist Perry Bakalos.

They have won or placed the Independent Music Awards four times – including the 2013 IMA vox poll in 2 categories - as well as winning accolades from many other music contests (too many to be listed here..)

Atlas Soul sings in French, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew and English, making their performances truly cross-cultural music experiences. The lyrics speak of love, ecology, oppression, happiness, immigration, poverty, spicy food! The band has produced five CDs : Chamsa, Mabrouka, Maktoub, Live@Regattabar, and Gypsy Windand two singles: We ‘re Atlas Soul and My Heart

Atlas Soul’s motto, world music for world peace, spells out its philosophical and political goal: to inspire world peace through a fusion of music and culture that gets people to the dance floor.


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