Scroggins & Rose with The Page Turners

August 22, 2017 8PM
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Award-winning instrumentalists and composers Tristan Scroggins and Alisa Rose have created an album that explores both the dynamic capabilities of a string duet and the creative overlap between baroque and bluegrass improvisation. With vast experience and knowledge of both traditional folk music and classical styles they create new music that utilizes risky improvisation and innovative musical techniques that are captured in both the original and familiar tunes present on this recording. Their effort present a study of both active listening and performance skills as the listener is invited into and pulled to each others spur of the moment musical colors and ideas to create a ever changing exciting performance. Listeners will be rewarded with missed details after every following listening as this record adds to the ever growing lexicon of new acoustic music.

The Page Turners, Carolyn Kendrick and Jake Howard, are an award-winning group (2016 Freshgrass Best Duo) who have a strong foothold in the acoustic music scene. They became musical friends as students of Berklee College of Music, and started playing together  through the Berklee American Roots Program. From those experiences, they began to play music together more and grew from goofy friends who loved BBQ and bluegrass, into goofy band mates as well. The Page Turners write sharp and adept original music and put new twists on old favorites. They like to blend their love of bluegrass, whiskey-fueled old-time, country music, swing, and fearless song-writing into one all-purpose seasoning of good ole' fashioned Roots Music.


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$12 / 0
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