Passim Monday Discovery Series with Rosemere Road and Niall Connolly sponsored by Nine Athens Music

September 11, 2017 8PM
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They say home is where the heart is, and for family band Rosemere Road that statement rings particularly true. Sisters Carson and Emmery Brakke grew up in suburban Rhode Island, with their cousin Kara McKee just blocks away, all singing folk songs (and many, many Christmas carols) in their parents' living rooms from as early on as they can remember.

Growing up in a close knit Irish family, music was always a part of all of their lives, and growing up in the same small town meant their musical journeys were fairly similar. They took piano lessons (all from the same teacher), vocal lessons (all from the same teacher), joined their high school choirs (all at the same high school) and sang in college A Cappella groups (NOT all at the same college). It wasn't until they were out in the world and pursuing separate paths that they realized singing in three part harmony is a lot more fun when you do it with people you love. After years of living apart, 2016 found the girls all living in Boston for the first time, and they decided to try their hand at putting their individual musical pursuits together into one. Needless to say, it was a natural fit.

With influences ranging from Tori Amos to Emmylou Harris to The Shirelles, Rosemere Road brings an edgy depth to their traditional folk sound. In the year since the band has formed they have played out and around Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge, where they have quickly garnered attention for their close knit harmonies and unique vocal arrangements. While their songs sometimes deviate from the traditional folk trio style, their message resonates with the genre: telling stories of lost love and hard times, while never allowing anything to stop them from chasing their dreams.


1977. The year that punk was born. With only hours left to spare it also produced a baby boy in the suburbs of Cork, Ireland, born with his ears piqued to the murmurs and clatter around him.

As he grew the soundtrack changed. Nirvana on the Walkman. Leonard Cohen on his sister’s stereo. The surge of bands and songwriters emerging from the 1990’s Cork music scene. Later it became snippets of eavesdropped New York conversation. Tales of woe on the radio. The sights and sounds of tours across Europe.

All of it gets woven into a tapestry of words. Then melody. Harmonies added in the studio. Electricity, sincerity, and humor on the stage. At the core of every Niall Connolly song is the story, one that unfolds a layer with each listen.


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