Long Is The Walk, Audrey Harrer opens

August 04, 2017 7PM
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Long Is The Walk, the solo project of Boston-based cellist, singer-songwriter and composer Jeremy Harman is set to release its debut album Spirits and Ghosts, a hauntingly hypnotic collection of songs and virtuosic instrumentals which weave together coming-of-age tales of an individual struggling to hold on to dreams and purpose as the naivete of youth fades and is replaced by an obsession with the finite nature of time and of life.  Fleet-fingered acoustic guitar ostinatos pulsate throughout, layers of cello spend as much time chugging viscerally as they do whispering ominously, and lush, understated vocal harmonies bring to mind Bon Iver and Andrew Bird, all set against the backdrop of the tight jazz-tinged rhythm section of drummer Jens Ellerhold and upright bassist Joey Pierog.  The end result is a dream-like mixture in which raw grit repeatedly gives way to atmospheric beauty. 





Audrey grew up in rural Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. She moved to Boston (where she currently resides) to study music composition and voice, subsequently adopting the harp as a creative tool for self-accompaniment and sonic exploration.

Musically, Audrey is influenced by artists such as Moondog, Patti Smith, Kate Bush, and Laurie Anderson, and she draws inspiration from vintage animation scores, exotica, modern concert music, and rock. Audrey’s recent album "Alphabet Rain" is an exploratory recording that received best local music 2015 nods from the Boston Globe and Dig Boston.   

An experimentalist by nature, Audrey works in many different mediums and has amassed a variety of unconventional musical experiences. She works closely with luminaries from across the musical spectrum as a creative director for Berklee College of Music's digital learning media group, and she hosts artists from around the world for DIY shows at her practice loft. She has studied with groups such as the Kalistos Chamber Orchestra and Meredith Monk’s Vocal Ensemble, written commissions for the Cambridge Philharmonic and the Maine International Film Festival, and she performs solo with her electroacoustic harp in environments as varied as rock clubs, galleries, house shows, hospitals, yoga studios, and recital halls.

Audrey's goal has always been to live an interesting, creative life surrounded by cool, inspired people. She cares about process, sustainability, community-building, and working collaboratively across genres and art forms.




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