John Davidson

March 25, 2017 8PM
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$25 / 23
Yes! He's the guy from Hollywood Squares, That's Incredible!, The TonightShow, and the Disney Musical films! He has spent most of his life on one stage or another: 
Television, Broadway, film, and concert stages...he's done it all.  Yet, his most captivating peformances are those when it's just John alone on stage--playing his guitar, singing original songs and Americana favorites, spinning yarns, in an intimate concert setting.      In John's words, "Playing and singing on my own is the most honest, powerful way to tell stories. It gives me the freedom to express emotions without distractions. In those moments, I feel a one-on-one  connection with the audience".
 So, spend an evening with John Davidson, his Roots, Roles, and Rhymes!


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$25 / 23
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