Danilo Brito

April 12, 2017 7PM
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Danilo Brito is important to the world of music both for his extraordinary musicianship, and for the unique musical and cultural tradition he promulgates through his work – the choro music of Brazil. His is the quintessential story of a child prodigy, born with talent and interest in music far beyond his years, coupled with the good fortune to have a family steeped in Brazil's musical traditions. At the age of ten he began to visit music shops that hosted Rodas de Choro, informal gatherings of musicians who meet to play choro. Old enough to be his grandfathers, the musicians bestowed a particularly special compliment upon him, saying that he was the reincarnation of Jacob do Bandolim, one of the most important figures in choro history. Six years later, Danilo would go on to win the most prestigious award competition for Brazilian music, the Prêmio Visa de Música Popular Brasileira.

Choro is considered the first characteristically Brazilian genre of urban popular music. The literal translation of the word is “to cry,” but its use in naming this music is figurative and points to its emotive power. More often bright than blue, the music is marked by syncopation, counterpoint, improvisation and virtuosity.


“…a mandolinist who causes chills in those who watch him. People of the old guard say that he can only be the reincarnation of the incomparable Jacob do Bandolim…” – Jornal de Tarde (Brazil)



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