Choro das 3

August 09, 2017 8PM
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Choro das 3 is a Brazilian Instrumental Music Band formed by three sisters and their father. Corina plays flute and piccolo, Lia plays acoustic 7 string guitar, Elisa plays mandolin, clarinet, banjo and piano and Eduardo plays pandeiro (the Brazilian tambourine).

Here in Brazil they played for presidents, governors, ministers and also for huge audiences such as São Paulo's New Year's Eve Party (2 million people) and at Morumbi Stadium (over 70,000 people). They have been on national TV many times, including the Brazilian version of "Letterman."

For the last three years have done a USA tour. This year they spent three months there and they performed over 40 concerts. They played and taught workshops in many Festivals and Universities in the US. On each of their USA tours they have appeared at Mike Marshall's and David Grisman's Mandolin Symposium.

They met Mike Marshall in France, at another International Festival, the Festival International Mandolines de Lunel. When he heard the , he invited them to his Symposium. In our first year there, the mandolin sister, Elisa, was awarded Concert Master's seat for the Grand Finale concert of Symposium. Mike Marshall says Choro das 3 plays ". . . some of the most inspired and inspiring music . . . the highest level of musicianship and presentation . . . the highest quality of Brazilian Choro music that can be heard any place today."

In 2015 Choro das 3 released its new album, Choro Tree. Chicago Brazilophiles wrote "Choro das 3 charms on U.S. tour" and "This cohesive, laid-back and playful musical Choro das 3 – 3 family is no museum act, as they are not only resurrecting classic and lesser-known choros, but also writing their own.".

In the Rockabilly land, the Commercial Appeal wrote "Choro das 3 returns to Memphis with beguiling Brazilian sound".!english


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$22 / 20
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